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  • An Unconventional Family :
    What is a conventional family anyway? And...who cares?! The definition of a conventional family has changed as often as the wind in the last five-decades (within my lifetime). Yet, somehow, many of us seem to cling to the Norman Rockwell family portraits or some version of a television family we grew up on. Before my time there were TV families like Leave it to Beaver where June Cleaver kept house and the family all shared their day around the dinner table. Happy Days found Joanie and Richie Cunningham had a similar family makeup. I can also remember the Andy Griffith Show at the same time where Andy Taylor was a widower and father to one young son, Opie. ..... read more

  • Fathers Day 2016 :
    Okay, I hope this sounds different to you. I hope it gives you pause and makes you think a moment. I’d like, especially if you are a Man, even more so if you are a man with a family; responsibility for a wife and/or children, for you to consider and reconsider what I’m about to say. Let it marinate like your favorite grill meat awaiting the fiery heat of your backyard grill. Let this grab your attention like the sound and tantalizing scent of bacon cooking nearby. I’ve been in many churches throughout my life. Some great, some dwindling, some vibrant and dynamic. This post is NOT, in any way, to be a criticism on any of those former churches. I have gotten something wonderful from each and had the privilege of serving and being in close relationships with many in each. BUT…. I noticed something different in Christ Central Alachua (CCA) starting on the first visit that I’d like to share with you now - almost 1 year later...... read more

  • I can pray – First :
    When you find yourself (or a friend or loved one) confronted with a need, do you find yourself saying,"all I can do is pray"? ..... read more

  • If you ask me :
    ...Why? Why, with the emotional, physical, professional, sinful, and other struggles I deal with on a sometimes daily basis, do I believe in God? readingbibleIts easy, in my head, but complex to explain. I could give you the short version; 'the Bible.' This is true but might give you the wrong message. Honestly, while this answer is true for many people, I think this answer is a cop-out. It's way too general and leaves the recipient forming their own conclusions which could fall way outside of your intention. This is where my faith lies so let me be clear. Then you can use my faith to navigate yours, or not. First off the 'why' starts with a list of 'who.' I'm one of those people who doesn't accept answers like, "believe because the bible says you should". In fact, I am so stubborn that you might just drive me into complete distrust instead of into belief by asking me to blindly follow a directive. ..... read more

  • Measure of good :

    Good-vs.-Great I want to be good.

    There was (maybe it still is) a poster in the locker room of the Tampa Bay Lightning Hockey Team that said,

    'Good is the enemy of Great'.

    Of course I'd like to be 'great' but I figure 'good' is a logical step between where I've been and 'great.' How to take those steps, toward being 'GOOD' ? ..... read more

  • Super-power :
    Young Solomon, his father the former King David, was now King. God, appearing in a dream, asked the young man what he wanted. His request, "Give your servant therefore an understanding mind to govern your people, that I may discern between good and evil, for who is able to govern this your great people?” (1 Kings 3:5-14 ESV). God granted his wish. Like a super-power his wisdom was (is) legendary. _____________________
    If you could, in your own circumstance, what would you ask for?
    _____________________ image I would ask for a super-power of peace. Not peace like 'the absence of war,' not like, 'everyone just getting along,' not like, 'co-existing.' ... ..... read more

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