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Movie Review | Babies

Posted: 30th October 2010 by iBarnabas in journaling

The movie was fascinating, often cute and funny, with witty dialog and believable actors. It was also a bit disturbing. As a movie, I thought it was very good. It’s a documentary, so it’s unlikely I’d consciously choose it over one of my favorite science fiction or adventure/drama movies – documentaries are their own category and should stand alone anyway. And, as a documentary, with only voyeuristic filming and the lack of opinionated narration, I thought it was brilliant…

Wretched pitiful poor and naked

Posted: 10th October 2010 by iBarnabas in journaling

All the riches, all the glory and power that can be had from this world leave us lukewarm and hungry for more. God stands outside the door waiting for you as you sit inside thinking you have it made. True wealth and happiness comes from the Lord alone. It’s not enough to simply invite him […]

Air Conditioning

Posted: 6th October 2010 by iBarnabas in theology

Definitions of heroes vary. To me its a person who sometimes does the extraordinary in spite of their own environment or consideration for their own well being. Tonight is couldn’t find anything I wanted to watch on tv. I landed on the movie, “Leatherheads” staring George Clooney and John Krasinski (that guy from the show, […]