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If you ask me

Posted: 29th December 2014 by iBarnabas in journaling, theology
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ThorWhy I believe is not because this list of people believed in God or Jesus either. It’s too easy for masses of people to get drawn in by witnessing or hearing rumors of fantastic events or smooth talking preachers or politicians.

Jesus didn’t attack the people in the temple, he drove them out. He separated them from the dangers, from the temptations and sin the had overtaken the Temple. He wasn’t furious at the people he was furious at the evil that had over taken his temple and was corrupting his people.

I talk with my hands

Posted: 4th March 2011 by iBarnabas in Growing Deeper

In the fall of 2005 something very important happened in my life. At a church men’s retreat I had a guest pastor speak a word of God over me. That may sound a bit odd to you but wait till you hear what he said because that’s really odd. I have lived most of my […]