Our new church home

Posted: 15th November 2010 by iBarnabas in journaling
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Why is Centerpoint Church in Valrico, Fl. our new church home?

It is less than 2-miles from our house, but it’s not about convenience.

Though smaller, it’s architecture is very much the same as Vineyard in Gainesville (our last church home, for over 10-years); similar bare wood vaulted ceiling with hanging lanterns and three groups of pews. But it’s not about architecture.

Similar desire, as Vineyard, to open up the floor and usability of the sanctuary in buying padded chairs and pulling out pews. But its not about expansion.

Similar contemporary worship band with a leader who demonstrates a desire to see people worship in truth. But it’s not about music.

A young pastor with a heart and a passion to free people from the bondages of sin, the lies of the world and the enemy, and from religion itself in order to experience living “in Christ”. But its not about a preaching style.

I guess it is all those things but it’s also more than that.

Hunting for a new church when you’ve left from feeling disgruntled is easy, you simply look for a church that fills the need the old church left behind. But we loved Vineyard of Gainesville very much and still feel a part of that family. For us, hunting for a church was about allowing God to move us.

He moved us out of Gainesville because his timing was perfect in placing me in a new job with a company that needs and appreciates my skills and talents – with a salary that allows Suzann a time to rest (and everyone who knows her is saying, Amen!). He moved us into an absolutely perfect rental home that is within budget, nearby nearly everything, a yard for our dog and a garage for my toy (’71 Chevelle). And He moved us to Centerpoint.

When God moved us to Vineyard he knew we needed a place and a people to heal with. A place to rediscover who God is and what church could be. He also gave us purpose and a heart to serve the people who would come in around us – often using our own healed wounds to help others find peace.

We don’t know many people yet at Centerpoint but we feel at home. Home as in feeling that God himself has directed our paths and brought us here – much like Vineyard. We also don’t yet know what God has planned for us here.

What we know is that we’ve been told to rest, to not over-extend ourselves to the point of making serving into work. We know that God has given us servant hearts and a desire to love on people and help them grow in their relationship with Jesus. We know we are to be in prayer for and with his people. We know… We know that if we listen with our hearts and wait on Him, that He will direct us to serve Him through his children.

Yes, there is a somber sorrow at leaving Vineyard and calling another church our home. But these are both His churches and his people. We are excited to be here, to call Centerpoint home, and to see what God has in store for us.

(by the way, if you’re looking for a church to call home in the Gainesville or East Brandon/Valrico areas, I have a few suggestions for you)

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