First Night

Posted: 22nd May 2011 by iBarnabas in random thoughts
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The first night in our new house was warm. Earlier we had pushed an empty bookcase in front of a return duct and choked the AC unit causing the coils to freeze closed. We shut the AC off during the hottest part of the day to let the coils un-freeze. By 9pm the heat of the day is proving harder to evict than it should.

Its our first night but we’re not quite moved in completely. Verizon comes Monday to hook up the Internet and TV so tonight, without our usual digital distractions and more heat than we’re used to, we went to bed early.

All day we’ve been running small loads (it’s a small truck) of furniture from our rental to our new house. After one such run during the hottest part of the day, and discovering our blunder with the bookcase, we stopped to take a dip in our new pool. Tonight after such an eventful day and feeling a new burn from scaling stairs for a change, we closed out the night in prayer.

You see, even though we had a good thirty years of mediocre under-paying jobs and our share of struggles, we don’t feel very deserving of the home we now have. We’ve worked really hard raising our family (well, some harder than me to which I’m am very regretful) and come a long way in the last year on improving our situation, we don’t see any of this as being earned. For us, in sincere honesty, all of this; the new job, the rental house we had, the new church and friends we’ve connected with and this great new house are all a blessing from God. Gifts from the Father.

So, our prayers were two-fold: blabbering words of thanksgiving for the many ways, both subtle and dramatic, that he expresses his love. That this expression doesn’t always feel like receiving gifts as much as it does being taught valuable lessons in life. But that he always honors his word and provides for those who stay focused on Him instead of being led astray by the world. Secondly, that this home is His not ours. That he would rule and reign in this place and guide us in being good stewards of his property. That as we care for the home and those who would visit for family, fellowship or just dropping in would be touched and blessed by the Lord of the home.

We are humbled by his grace on our marriage, our family and our future and seek to honor him with all our tomorrows.

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