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Guilty I will not be

Posted: 13th July 2010 by iBarnabas in journaling
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These ‘political and religous postering arguements’ are what (I believe) to be the very thing that tweaked Jesus’ patience. Jesus had very little patience for those who stood stronger on proving themselves right or judging another man’s love than on loving one another.

My Father's Yucca

Posted: 21st June 2010 by iBarnabas in random thoughts
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In Florida you can have a very dry and hot few months followed closely by weeks and weeks of heavy rain. Each of these had tried to kill off this Yucca only to have it emerge victoriously again. A few months ago I assumed it gone for good. The last of it’s trunk had simply tipped over and fell out of the plastic pot and had clearly died. I remember when I noticed it pausing briefly to remember it’s long fight for life and to think of my dad. This should have been the end of this story. But it’s not.

Standing up Again

Posted: 4th June 2010 by iBarnabas in journaling
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think of it as two brainiac chess champions sitting across a table moving chess pieces around. One moves a knight out boldly and the other slides a bishop clear across the board to take him out. In the spiritual realm, in the spiritual war, God is one chess champion and on the other side of the table is Satan and his army of demonic angels. The pieces – you guessed it – You and me.