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Fathers Day 2016

Posted: 13th June 2016 by iBarnabas in journaling
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I don’t know what Pastor Mark has planned for this Father’s Day service, I don’t know what message he has for the men who attend, I don’t know how God plans to move among those men… What I do know is that I want to encourage every man reading this to attend. I’m not asking for a commitment to join, nor asking you to participate in the next Men of Honor program, I’m only encouraging you to attend Father’s Day.

Guilty I will not be

Posted: 13th July 2010 by iBarnabas in journaling
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These ‘political and religous postering arguements’ are what (I believe) to be the very thing that tweaked Jesus’ patience. Jesus had very little patience for those who stood stronger on proving themselves right or judging another man’s love than on loving one another.

Legion, a movie review

Posted: 27th June 2010 by iBarnabas in journaling
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What I saw and loved so much about this movie was that one, and only one, angel choose to stand against the orders of God. Not that it is a good idea to try to defy God but because of the reasons behind his defiance. I won’t quote but, basically Michael fell in love with mankind at the very start – when God created them and choose to pour his love on them. Michael understood God’s passion for mankind and made loving and protecting us his life’s purpose.