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Posted: 24th January 2011 by iBarnabas in Growing Deeper

Sarah was afraid, so she lied and said, “I did not laugh. ”But he said, “Yes, you did laugh.” – Genesis 18:15 (NIV)

Funny story really. Abraham and Sarah were old. Like, really old. Too old for having children. God told them that Sarah would get pregnant and have a child. Probably a little out of nervousness, ‘Sarah laughed’. Maybe not ‘at’ God but certaintly about what he said. You might guess what went through her mind

(cue the wavy special effects as we transition into the possibilities of what Sarah might have been thinking)

” is he crazy? There is no way I’m getting pregnant! Where’s he been anyway, certaintly God would know I’ve been unable to get pregnant my whole life! This is ridiculous! … Oh no! What if I do get pregnant? I’m way too old to carry or care for a baby… Is he NUTS!!? ”

So here’s the scoop… We’ve been looking at praying ‘BIG’ prayers at Centerpoint Church in Valrico, Fl. For the last three weeks and are even planning a church-wide 21-day fasting-prayer in February devoted to praying ‘BIG’. What does that mean? What does it mean to pray ‘BIG’?

For Abraham and Sarah it was about having a child and leaving an heir. However, for Sarah at least, this was beyond her capacity to consider a possibility. It was so beyond her that, “[she] laughed”.

The thing is if your prayer isn’t something beyond your capacity maybe it’s not really a big prayer. Maybe… maybe it’s not even a prayer directed to God at all. If I only pray for things that I have the capacity to accomplish and my prayer is answered, was it God or me? If I only pray for things that have a high probability of happening and the prayer is answered, is it God or chance? However, if I pray for something that is beyond me, something that I know that could not happen but for the will of God… and my prayer is answered… than it could only be God.

Sarah laughed at God (something I wouldn’t recommend) because He promised something beyond her capacity. That was bad enough. Then when God asked why she laughed, she lied and denied it. (like he wasn’t right there to hear it?) then God said, “Yes, you did laugh.”

God knows what we don’t understand. He knows our weaknesses. And he knows our needs. Pray for things that are beyond yourself and see what God can do. Pray for that perfect job, pray for that debt to be paid, pray for that child that you can’t have. Pray for a life to be transformed. Pray for addictions to be broken. Pray for forgiveness and relationships to be repaired. Pray for burdens to be lifted. Pray for _______ What is your prayer? Go ahead, fill in the blank.

Just try to refrain from laughing in Gods face and doubting his ability to fulfill that which may be beyond your capacity but not his.

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