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Posted: 17th January 2011 by iBarnabas in Growing Deeper

So there was this guy. You might say he won the Lottery – but bigger. Abram had conversations with God. Something I’d call prayer I suppose. (but I only do that to reconcile the utter amazement of considering an open and responsive conversation with GOD).

In the conversation Abram was a little confused. God had been telling him about wondrous thing that God was going to do with him. And how he would have such a rich reward. It was actually the reward itself that Abram was troubled over. You see part of being a man is having a legacy. Something of himself that will out live him. For some having a college library named after you is pinnacle. And some are lucky enough to have invented or discovered something that is recognized as world changing. That’s a cool legacy. For some it’s producing a family to carry on after death. To do that and leave them a wealthy inheritance, even better. God was promising great wealth to Abram but he thought it wasted with out children to leave it to.

God had Abram look into the night sky and count stars. Then he told Abram that he would leave his legacy and his inheritance to as many as the stars.

“and Abram believed”

Wouldn’t it be great to have enough faith, enough trust in the grand power and will of God to not just believe that God would give him a child but that God was promising him a legacy beyond his ability to consider?

“And Abram believed the Lord, and the Lord counted him as righteous because of his faith.”
– Genesis 15:6 (NLT)

Lord help me look beyond my simplistic and limited ability to see beyond the troubles of today and instead, consider the vastness of your love and power in counting the numbers of the stars.

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  1. Yes, new everyday! Love you.

  2. Mark Manche says:

    Oh to have a conversation with God ! I would love to talk and hear Him talk back. I think I have but it’s hard to know because when I think He speaks He sounds suspiciously like me. When He speaks to you does He sound like me? Hummm. Would be easier to walk by faith If I heard better. But that takes more time, more talking, more listening, more silence. uuggh. Silence. Is there anything more valuable that looks so worthless and insignificant? Anyway, thanks Grant.
    by the way, my legacy? A flip-flop named after me. Sweet !